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How to measure success rate for local-based SEO campaigns

How to measure success rate for local-based SEO campaigns

If you are planning to start a website of your own, then there must be particular defined set of goals that you must have planned. But before that, there are lots of questions that are to be answered. First of all, ask yourself whether your local SEO campaign has achieved any success at all or not. Let us presume it hasn’t, then this would perhaps be one of the best opportunity for you to go through with a business review that covers the quarterly operations and decide whether the strategy that you have embraced for digital marketing is actually efficient enough or not. In case if it isn’t, then there are certainly some adjustments that you will have to make in order to make sure that the damage is compensated for, in the next quarter.

A Quarterly Business Review (QBR) has lots of factors which are to be pondered over and these imperative factors must be taken into consideration by anyone who has planning to establish an internet marketing business. You have to be in a position where you can compare the aims that you must have set for your company in the initial stage and according to that, evaluate the performance on an overall basis throughout the tenure of your campaign. For that, one of the most widely recommended approaches is to create an excel sheet where you can push all the data and then compare the same sheet with the previous ones.

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Measuring success rate through 5 steps

  • Traffic review is perhaps one of the most important ways to measure the success rate of a campaign. Firstly, you will have to set a time frame to the review and once you are in possession of the data generated through analytics, you are supposed to make a comprehensive analysis of the traffic that your website has generated within a particular defined time window and then tally it with the data that you have for the previous years. It is considered as an effective method to keep a tab on the performance of a local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign during a particular phase of time.
  • Consider yourself to be the owner and founder of an ecommerce website. Thus, one of the most effective way of measuring the success rate would be to keep a tab on the annual or quarterly orders. Make sure you have the rate of conversion in mind along with the revenue that your firm will be generating through the website. This is possible through monitoring the traffic flow as well as the orders during a particular time period. Once all the data has been collected, it can be tallied to the data generated over the course of past few years or quarters.
  • Make sure you keep an eye especially on the referral traffic that your website is receiving on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly basis as it will help you analyze the success rate of your local SEO campaign. The process is quite simple since all you need is a record showing the data of previous years including the revenue generated or units sold, and then compare it with your present data in order to ascertain whether the profit margin is more, less or the same only.
  1. VISITORS: –
  • If you are novice to this field, then a specialist will definitely make you understand the difference between a returning visitor and a new visitor. The ratio between the two has to be compared which will give you the exact count of the number of visitors who have been loyal to your website and have visited multiple number of times. In this way, more customers will ensure better business.
  • In the present day and age, almost 1 in 5 people have their own blogs which can be viewed on mobile platforms as well. In this way, we would like to recommend you to not only consider the desktop-based clients and users, but also those who prefer reading blogs on their mobile phones. Thus, you can divert traffic from your mobile phone straight to your website and Google Analytics will help you track the traffic across both the platforms.

Therefore, a Quarterly Business Review will highlight the success rate achieved by your local SEO campaign during a defined timeframe and according to that, you can plan your next few years. For more great local seo tips take a look at inbound a professional marketing community that we frequently visit.